Showing your Chesapeake

Here’s a list of CC and non-CC championship dog shows with Chesapeake classes, along with the judges, and where to go for schedules and entry forms. 

CBRC Championship and Open Shows 2021

3-4 July 2021

Bretford Village Hall, Bretford, Warks

Not surprisingly, due to COVID-19, the Chesapeake Bay Retriever Club’s Championship and Open Shows in 2020 had to be cancelled. However, to make up for it, next year the Club will be holding TWO championship shows and TWO open shows on one weekend at the same venue. Four shows in one weekend – a showing bonanza!

For more info, contact Show Secretary Caroline Griffin-Woods on 01469 576882 or email

Show judging

Show judges wishing to apply to go on the CBRC judging list can download an application form and a list of the criteria for show judges too.

Details of breed seminars are posted on the Events page.

You will find very helpful information about the breed standard and breed characteristics on the About Chesapeakes page.