Showing your Chesapeake

Here’s a list of CC and non-CC championship dog shows with Chesapeake classes, along with the judges, and where to go for schedules and entry forms. 

CBRC Championship and Open Shows 2021

3-4 July 2021

Bretford Village Hall, Bretford, Warks

The Club held two championship shows and two open shows over the weekend of 3-4 July 2021. It was a big celebration of Chesapeakes getting back together after a long break over the last 18 months. There will be a full report in the next CBRC yearbook. Until then, you can download the judge’s critiques below.

Show judging

Show judges wishing to apply to go on the CBRC judging list should please contact the Chesapeake Bay Retriever Breed Education Co-ordinator, James Newton, by emailing

Details of breed seminars are posted on the Events page.

You will find very helpful information about the breed standard and breed characteristics on the About Chesapeakes page.